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Kids Karate Activity Book  

Kids Karate Activity Book

An ideal book for kids aged 5 to 12 just starting Karate, or for those interested in starting. While this kid's Karate book covers the things most other books do (how to punch, kick, and block), this book aims to allow kids to step inside the Karate tradition- to understand the essence of Karate. To engage kids minds it is a Karate activity book. It starts by teaches kids about the Karate tradition: about the Samurai, Okinawa, and Buddhism. It then draws upon the Karate tradition to answer moral questions such as when is it right to use Karate, and about the the ‘Spirit of Karate’. The book then prepares kids for their Karate journey. It introduces bowing, what Karate kids wear; the Karate belt system; and points out the pitfalls they may face when they take up Karate. It is only after these things are covered that the book turns to the Karate techniques themselves. It introduces the basic punches, kicks, and blocks. This leads the way about how to learn Kata. The book ends with a parent’s guide.

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