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An hour of sanity in an insane world

About Tai Chi
Tai Chi is the gentle Chinese exercise which you see people practice in parks and on TV. It was created by the ancient Chinese, Taoists, spiritual mystics who sought health and longevity- just like we do today. As well as developing acupuncture and herbalism, they also used their wisdom and knowledge of the human body to develop very powerful yet gentle exercises known as Chi Kung. Literally meaning ‘Breath Exercises’, are fantastic for health, but gentle enough for everyone to practice: young and old, fit and unfit, healthy and not so healthy.


While ancient these exercises are one of the few new alternative exercises recommended by doctors Medical research has shown that Tai Chi can be beneficial for those with arthritis, high blood pressure, Diabetes, to name only a few. It also increases flexibility, balance and stamina........ no wonder Tai Chi is actually recognised as a Chinese national treasure.

De Stressing: Nowadays modern life can cause a great deal of stress. Stress in turn can cause other health problems such as depression and anxiety, sleep problems, immune diseases,digestive problems,skin conditions such as eczema, and weight problems. Learning how to manage stress is therefore essential for a healthy lifestyle, and Tai Chi does just that! Tai Chi is an hour of sanity in an insane world.

We have three Tai Chi classes held in Somerset. These are held on

Monday 8-9pm Tor Leisure Centre, Glastonbury
Thursdays Strode Swimming Pool, Street, Somerset

Our third class is a Form class where each week students go through the

  • Original Long Form of Yang Cheng Fu
  • Tai Chi Sword Form
  • Tai Chi Fan Form
  • Tai Chi Sabre Form
The Form is class every Tuesdyay 11-12noon in the Tor Leisure Centre, Glastonbury

All classes are  PAYG, or can be taken as part of the Centre's monthly payment.
For more details email or text 07811 185 944 and we'll get back to you.

Tai Chi: The Martial Way. The Combat, Self Defence & Martial Applications of Tai ChiTai Chi: The Martial Way. The Combat, Self Defence & Martial Applications of Tai Chi
Tai Chi The Spiritual Way: From Grounding to EnlightenmentTai Chi The Spiritual Way: From Grounding to Enlightenment

or Text 07811 185 944
And we'll get back to you!

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